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12th February 2018
Promotional Mugs
24th January 2019

2018 was a great year for us but we want 2019 to be even better and to help our customers build their empires!

Like so many other companies we started off 2018 with a level of uncertainty for the business that would come our way, especially with the changes of Brexit on the horizon. Thankfully, we saw a significant increase in the number of companies investing into promoting themselves and over the first few months watched their efforts pay off. It’s great to see that whatever change is coming our way, our customers were not deterred from spending money to promote their services so we tried to do the same!

In 2018 we introduced the bundles which have been a great success catering to both the lone tradesman and to the large local businesses. We introduced our 72 promotional mug offer for a month which was so popular we decided to continue it into 2019. We also launched our triple threat offer, which combined business cards, clothing and promotional items, making it a great starter pack for new businesses. We saw so many companies take advantage of this offer at exhibitions and sales events, it was great to see new businesses thriving and getting their brand out there.

We’ve seen a lot of growth from our fitness customers, advertising their own fitness ranges with some great designs and promoting themselves through their client’s apparel. We’re pleased to introduce a wider active range this year to support our fitness customer’s expansion in the future. We’ve also updated our hospitality range to give our customers more choice for their big ‘foodie’ events. You can now expect to see a wider range of unique looks to help boost their brand recognition.

This year we’re having a promotional items overhaul, full of new and exciting products that you can make your own to advertise your services in the best way possible! In 2018 we saw more customers than ever combining promotion items to create ‘promotional packs’ for new potential customers. The combination of printed pens, pencil cases and branded sticky pads for example, proved very popular with our customers in the educational sector and our ranges are forever growing! 2018 saw the growth of many of our talented designer customers who printed and embossed their creative designs onto notepads, diaries, tea towels, pen, mugs and so much more to sell on with great success. We take so much pride working with these companies every year.

Last year we ended our year on a high with our own promotional chocolate bars to wish our customers a Merry Christmas. The chocolate was delicious but the feedback from our customers was even better! From February we will be launching an even bigger range of confectionery for our customers to promote their own business with!  

With every year that passes we hope to grow bigger alongside all our customers who work hard to promote themselves. Our hope for 2019 is that companies continue to push their business into the forefront and embrace whatever changes that may come their way. We look forward to working with new and existing customers wishing them all a very successful 2019.

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