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20th October 2015
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16th February 2016

Over the last few years we have noticed companies are becoming increasing trend conscious when choosing their promotional T-shirts and as a result of that many brands have upped their game to cater for these new markets.

There are many variations of T-shirt fit for customers to choose from but now thanks to brands like Anvil, Bella and Skinni-fit, consumers also have a choice in texture too. In keeping with a lot of the looks seen on the highstreet, these three brands have come up with four particular textures that are tailor made to give your staff uniform a unique look.

It can sometimes be difficult for customers to understand the difference between textures, that is why we have come up with a simple visual to give you a helping hand when choosing your promotional T-shirt.

Although there are obvious differences between styles, there is very little difference in quality, it is purely down to the impression you wish to create for your promotional t-shirt.

Things to take into consideration when choosing you’re promotional T-shirt include knowing who will be wearing it. For example a company working towards attracting younger clients may consider one of the more fashion based T-shirt such as the marble blend or burn out for their staff, to appeal to their target market.
However a company looking to attract a broader audience may go for a classic style like the heather blend or Tri-blend to give away to their customers.

Think about the impression you want your promotional T-shirt to create and how your services will be reflected in that choice. Even more importantly, consider which T-shirt will show your branding off best. It is always a good idea for businesses who have certain company colours, to check out the colours each brand has to offer, then work on what fit and textures are available from there.

We always do our best to try and bring our customer’s visions to life, so the clearer you are about what you want, the more information we can provide, to bring you one step closer to delivering you’re desired look.

To look at more of the clothing collections, browse our website or pick up a free 2016 catalogue from our office.

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