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24th January 2019
New This Year…
19th February 2020

Introducing our new confectionery range – combining creative design with tasty treats to promote your business!

Last year we created our own promotional chocolate bar to send out to customers for Christmas. We wanted to thank all of our customers for their support as we try to do every Christmas, however our chocolate bar promotion was one of our most popular yet! We received so much positive feedback from our customers about the quality of the chocolate, as well as the quality of the packaging. We were so taken aback by our customer feedback we decided to embrace our sweet side and introduce Fell Promotions ‘Sweet Tooth’.

Sweet Tooth offers a huge range of different chocolates, sweets, biscuits & mints. We offer a varied selection of flavours and packaging to suit your customer base and budget. We have created collections to suit certain occasions including Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day as well as Eco options and best sellers.

Here are some helpful tips to help you when choosing your Sweet Tooth product…

Which product is more in keeping with your brand?

There are hundreds of products available from Fell Promotions Sweet Tooth so it’s important to choose the item that’s most in keeping with your brand. We can assure you that all the products taste amazing & samples can be arranged with your design before you choose to go ahead with production. We would encourage our customers to look at all the product categories, as all the confectionery is created to be re-branded.

Which product will our Customers enjoy more?

We offer a wide range of confectionery to target the varied demographics of our customers. As you might expect chocolate products are our best sellers in the run up to Christmas but throughout the rest of the year Jelly beans, mints & love hearts seem to be the pick of the bunch, as well as popular savoury snacks such as popcorn, Pringles & crackers. Do you research on your target market, considering their age, the event, time of year and the ultimate question – Sweet or Savoury. We have plenty of products to cover your needs.

What’s your message?

Like all promotional items, you need to consider what you want to tell the customer by giving them this product and do you want something back from your promotion? We offer confectionery bags filled with your choice of goodies with your business card attached for customers to keep once they’ve finished their sweets. Do you want your customers to interact with you online? You can encourage them to do so on your packaging.  Creative branding combined with promotional confectionery is a great way to encourage your target market to interact with you and generate some business. 

If you are thinking of creating your own delicious Christmas promotion, now is the time to start putting your orders together, before the longer lead times kick in (Currently 2-3 weeks on most items). Our Winter Collection features many festive options, such as the chocolate filled bauble, hearty mince pies & delicious chocolate Christmas trees. All of our confectionery collection can be re-branded so check out the whole range to find the right fit for you!

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