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14th January 2019
28th October 2019

Promotional Mugs are a staple of the merchandising world and they are considered the 2nd most popular product within the industry so we have a great range to showcase for you this year!

As a reusable product, you get great brand exposure from mugs that can be used time and time again, advertising your services whilst being environmentally conscious. There is no better time for a mug promotion than winter, when people can get comfortable with a hot drink and look into the services you have to offer. In this blog we are going to look at our top 5 mug styles to help you promote you business! So grab a brew and let’s take a look!

Marrow Mug

The marrow mug is becoming one of the most popular mug styles. It is available in a range of different colours and is 100% dishwasher proof. You can have your vibrant designs screen printed on this fun shaped mug with a minimum order of 72. The average person drinks 6 hot drinks a day so you can be rest assured that your brand will get noticed on the modern style marrow mug.

Durham Colour Coat Mug

Chunky & Eye-catching! This mug is perfect for companies with strong colour branding. The Durham style mug with intense pantone matched body colour will not fade during the printing process and the inside of the mug remains beaming white. Your design is screen printed over your bold colour choice and the results are mind blowing!

Opal Bone China Mug 

The Opal Bone China Mug is a graceful yet robust china mug which we can decorate by direct screen print. The taller designer is still 100% dishwasher proof with a 320ml capacity. Ideal for shows, events and productions, the Opal Bone China Mug is the perfect elegant choice and won’t go unnoticed by the decision makers!

Sparta Mug

The Sparta style mug with intense pantone matched body colour is again a great choice for bold colour branding. The Sparta mug is designed to sit perfectly into your cupped hands to enhance your drinking experience. The mugs are inspected no less than 7 times to ensure you receive the best possible quality print. The ever popular promotional mug is available in various stock colours with a capacity of 300ml.

All the above mugs have a minimum order of at least 72 mugs with amazing quality print guaranteed. Mug promotions are a no brainer for their longevity and the genuine smile it can bring to a potential customers face which will put you ahead of the competition.

No Minimum order? No Problem

Coated Ceramic Mug Ultra White (10oz)

The coated Ceramic mug is our most popular choice for many reasons. Firstly there is no minimum order for these mugs making them a perfect choice for one off gifts, events & promotions. This also allows companies big and small to print different designs with every run.

Secondly this mug features a larger branding space, ideal for detailed and eye catching designs! Many of our customers favour this mug due to its simple design and quality weight. The price point is extremely competitive and that is why we offer 72 full colour printed mugs for £222 inc VAT in the coated ceramic mug ultra white!

Find out more here

You can view all the above promotional mugs simply by clicking the titles. Remember, we have an in house design team who would be more than happy to help brand your perfect promotional mug!

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