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“I didn’t choose the mug life, the mug life chose me!”

Its time to join the #MugLife revolution and inject some fun back into the office and your promotional gifts!
Mugs are a great promotional tool for both staff and customers. The mug is the go to promotion to secure a smile on your current or potential client’s face and arguably one of our most successful promotional tools.

The beauty of a mug is that companies can utilise a large printing space to get their message across. The purpose of a promotional item is to get your customers to use it and boost your brand recognition. In terms of use for an adult audience, we don’t think you can go wrong with mugs especially in England, a country known for drinking tea!

Like all promotional items it is important to consider the purpose of your promotion and what action you want the recipient to take. For most companies loyalty is extremely important as it is the custom you tend to rely on. Branded items are a great way to thank customers  for their business and encourage them to use your services again. Mugs are a great way to reward customers and advertise your services to others.

Continuously drumming up new business is essential and that is where promotional gifts and give away come in handy. There are two ways of looking at a promotional gift and both can be very effective. Larger companies believe that promotional giveaways should be bought in bulk and kept cost effective. This creates a huge outreach for new customers with the hope that a fraction of them will take you up on your offer. Great for one off campaigns especially when you find the promotion that fits your line of work. For instance, an IT company gives away 500 USB sticks with 5 lucky sticks winning a new laptop and the other 495 receiving a certain amount of discount to spend in store. Potential customers simply have to plug in their USB’s to see if they are a winner. By taking the time to see if they have won, potential customers have instantly engaged with the brand and therefore will remember it.

For smaller businesses promotional items can be used as an incentive to get a job in a competitive field. Giving away a free mug for every quotation given over a certain period of time is a great promotion for getting your foot in the door. Lets not forget, people get a kick from free gifts, which can create a sense of loyalty between your business and potential clients. There is no denying that promotional items create an air of success, so the choice of promotional item needs to be spot on for a targeted approach.

So back to business… Promotional mugs are a great way to create impressions of a work space, particularly in large offices where a lot of meetings take place. Presenting clients with a company mug to drink from gives a professional impression and shows attention to detail.
Some offices prefer to take an informal approach to their promotional mugs in keeping with their line of work. This works particularly well in the creative industries.

From an environmental perspective the promotional mugs are a great idea as we tackle the use of plastic cups. It sends a great message to your potential clients that you care about our environment and also will keep costs down in the long run. As the crack down on plastic begins, advertise that you are taking environmental worries into consideration and doing something about it. Plastic cups will one day be a thing of the past so it’s important to show you are a forward thinking business and encourage making positive change.

  • Reduces waste, energy, transport and resources
  • Less chance of spill or leakage
  • Durable
  • Cheaper in the long term (for individual and retailers as don’t need to produce disposable cup)

Promotional mugs contribute towards the desired company image and reinforce the brand, so design is very important. We’ve been designing mugs for many years and we know how to make the most out the branding space, from sleek simple designs to bright bold and colourful, we work with the shape of the mug to create the best possible outcome. As a promotional company it is our job to advise you on the best products for your campaign and we are always happy to do so.

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