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21st April 2017
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11th August 2017

Recently we launched our exclusive offer on digitally printed t-shirts, with a front breast pocket logo and large back for only £4 each +Vat when you order 100 or more! We’ve had a great response so far to the offer but we wanted to answer some of our customer’s questions about the offer…

Can the print position be changed?

The answer to this is yes! To keep the same price the position of the prints can be moved however the price may vary if you were to add or reduce print, however prices will be relative to the offer.

Is there a lady fit version of the Original Tee?

There is a lady fit version that is included in the offer. This is product code SS060 which goes up to a size 18 UK ladies size. There all more colours available in the unisex SS048 tee however customers are allowed to mix and match between colours and the two products with this offer.

How many colours per print?

The beauty of Direct to Garment print is that we can offer our customers full colour designs at no extra cost so to answer the question, the amount of colours per print is endless!

What colour T-shirts are included in this offer?

All colours are included in this offer as direct to garment technology can print on any colour. We would recommend our customers carefully consider which colour would make the most of their design.

Is this offer available on any other brand of T-shirt?

Currently this offer only applies to the SS048 Original Tee and SS060 Lady Fit original Tee. We chose this T-shirt for our promotion because of its popularity among our existing customers and because we are confident in the quality of the T-shirt. The original Tee is 100% cotton which makes it perfect for ink based printing. We can ensure quality print to our customers with the Fruit of the Loom Original Tee.

We encourage all our customers to get in touch if they have questions about this offer that have not been answered above. This is a limited time offer so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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