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11th January 2017
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21st April 2017

Often customers come to us having already decided between embroidery or print decoration for their clothing. Embroidery is a classic form of decoration and for a lot of businesses as it is considered the smarter, more professional application. Of course this is dependent on the garment and design but for a lot of people embroidery is the long lasting solution. Having said that, print has come a long way in the past 10 years and should be given the longevity creditability it now deserves.

We’ve been around almost 15 years and the reason we are still around today is because of the top quality materials we use across the board. Embroidery seems like a straight forward process of application but there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. In most cases we waiver our printed clothing set up fee as part of our service but unfortunately it isn’t that simple for embroidery. Designs must be converted into stitches and once that process is complete, designs are kept on file and the setup fee no longer applied for future orders (unless it requires any amendments). Digitising is an important process for embroidery particularly for detailed designs, to ensure precision.

Everything about embroidery comes down to quality from machinery to the backing to the thread. Our customers choose embroidery for its precise finish and longevity so it’s important to choose a garment that is going to last as long as its decoration. We do offer embroidery to customers who bring in their own clothing but it is at their own risk.

The positioning of embroidery is an important element to consider as a flat surface is required for the stitches as well as access for the embroidery hoop. We frequently get customers requesting large embroidery designs on the back of garments and we can provide that however we don’t recommend it. This is because the large amount of stitches can pull on the garment frequently distorting the design. Also the backing we use to support the stitches could potentially be uncomfortable for the person wearing the garment.

Your choice of decoration should be appropriate for your line of work. Big detailed designs often work better in print however for a corporate look, embroidery always looks smart and professional, particularly on dress shirts. Designs with shadows and gradients don’t work well embroidery as designs need to be simplified for digitisation.

We encourage our customers to always bear in mind turnaround times as embroidery does take longer to stitch than a print does to press. We try to keep our turnaround times to a minimum but it is sensible to order in advance with a bit of a time buffer.

Every day we receive new requests and enquiries about decoration and we always try our best to fulfil our customer’s needs. We are always happy to answer any of your questions you have about any of our services.


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