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20th January 2017
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7th June 2017


Over the last couple years, direct to garment technology has evolved massively, so much so that we have decided to add it to our services! We used to provide customers with digital printing however we could only print on light colours which didn’t suit everyone’s designs and had limitations on the garments we could print on…BUT THOSE DAYS ARE OVER!

The new technology we have invested in means we can print any design directly onto any garment – this includes T-shirts, Hoodies, sweatshirts etc. The best part about this, is we can now print on any colour including all darker shades! We will  of course, continue to provide our customers with the vinyl option as we still believe in the clarity, vibrancy and quality vinyl has to offer.


Vinyl is printed, weeded and heat sealed onto the garment, whereas DTG is printed directly onto the clothing, absorbed by the material and then heat sealed. As the DTG is printed into the material fibres, the finish is soft to touch and feels no different from the garment in its original state. We recommend vinyl for bold, crisp designs to accentuate clarity of colour and design. As the material is heat pressed onto the material, there is a difference in texture from where the material has been pressed on top.

In simple terms, direct to garment printing is ink based whereas vinyl is material prepped before heat application. Both applications are of the highest quality and there is little difference in price, it simply comes down to the preferred finish and the best fit for your design.

There is also good news for fitness and sports teams who sometimes have trouble with larger vinyl designs on breathable training garments. Some find the vinyl material does not sit close enough to the body during exercise which can be quite restricting however DTG will print straight into the garment without losing the vibrancy of the original design. DTG will have a huge impact on our customers who have complex full colour designs and desire a weightless finish.

We encourage all our new and existing customers to discuss their designs with us and as usual we will advise which application would work best. We are so excited about the new technology that we are introducing to the business and believe that the DTG will bring a whole new lease of life to our customer’s full Colour prints. We have samples for customers to see in the office and are always available to answer any of your questions either online, in person or over the phone.

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