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20th February 2016
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The run up to Christmas can be some of the quietest months for some companies especially those who struggle to apply the festive theme to their line of work. For any successful business it is important to recognise and adapt to what is popular with consumers. Christmas is the most celebrated holiday in the UK and it’s a great time for a company’s brand to get recognised.

Marketing during the countdown to Christmas is a great investment for attracting new and existing business for the following year. A popular trend around December is to gift customers with discounts and free incentives for the new year – a time when a lot of new products are released and people have money to spend again! It’s a great way to reward customers and to keep your name out there.

As there is so much hype surrounding Christmas, you’d be foolish not to take the opportunity to get your brand and services out there especially at such a joyful and positive time of the year. If your company can create that Christmas buzz that excites customers you’ll be top of the pile for the services and products you have to offer.

We often get companies who are reluctant to invest in Christmas promotions as it is considered to some as an unnecessary expense but we have noticed those who do invest in Christmas uniforms or festive promotional products do see a higher return especially in the new year because they have utilised the festive period to push their brand to consumers. Christmas promotions do not have to be costly either.

Last year we had a company buy one of our branded car antlers for their vehicle hire service. They gained so much attention from that one car that they ordered an extra 50 for the rest of their fleet the following week. It generated lots of publicity for the company which was maximized through their social media outlets, rewarding people who tweeted photos next to the cars with a new years discount. The fun campaign was a great success and very cost effective.

It is essential for businesses to acknowledge Christmas as a time that matters to their consumers. Get involved with the festivities and take the opportunity to promote your services whilst celebrating this time of year!

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