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5th February 2018
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The colours you choose to represent your brand can have a large impact on the way consumers view your business. We associate colours with certain feelings, industries and behaviours. That is why it is so important to think about your colour choices carefully. The colours you choose for your business contribute largely to your brand personality which you want customers to engage with. The more customers like what they see, the more likely they are to engage with your services.  There are no good or bad colours choices but there are associations you should be aware of, to make the best choice for the representation of your brand. Colour choices will influence your intended target market so it is important that you are creating the right impression to attract new business.

The psychology behind your colour choice is influential towards your brand message.  Take a look below at colours, their associations and the successful brand colour choices.

Colour increases brand recognition by up to 80%

Your colour choices should support your brand personality. We want to encourage engagement from new customers on both a practical and an emotional level. Brand recognition is hugely important so from a practical perspective you want our branding to stand out from the competition and from an emotional perspective you want your branding to emote a positive response from our potential customers. New clients will base their first impressions on your branding so it’s important you understand what they are most likely to respond to. Creating the right first impression is key.

Where to begin?

Every company has a target market they want to reach in order to make money. When you have identified your target audience you can research what other products are selling well in a similar market to give you an indication of what colour branding is attracting your potential customers. Market research is essential when making a beeline for your key customers, so its imperative that you stay in touch with your consumer’s needs and market trends.

 Key Considerations
  • What words represent your brand’s personality?
  • What colours represent those words?
  • What colour suits the characteristics of your product / service?
  • What colour do your competitors use?


 When it comes to picking the “right” colour, research has found that predicting consumer reaction to colour appropriateness is far more important than the colour itself. The consumer response will determine their following actions so a positive impression is imperative. Do not be put off by colours associated with your market, instead, use them creatively to your advantage. The purpose of marketing your business is to boost sales, boost profit and boost your brand recognition. Aim for the top spot and become the “go to” in your field.

Building a brand is fundamental to any growing business. We often help out new businesses with new design ideas and promotional products. Using promotional items and personalised clothing to promote your brand colours is a great way to get noticed and market your services. Create a brand profile and stick to it.

Be bold, be creative and be seen!

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