The power of promotional items, to generate profit

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7th January 2015
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16th July 2015

Promotional items have been around for years and are a great tool to promote certain services. The purpose of a promotional item is to remind previous customers of their positive experience with you and to encourage them to return and recommend you to others. It is a silent token of gratitude that they chose you above the competition.

Companies often like the idea of having their own branded promotional items but shy away because they don’t know what product to chose. For some businesses it can be a process of trial and error to find out what works for their target market. Some companies know exactly what products they want to represent them like branded car air fresheners for valeting services or customised nail files for beauty salons. From the obvious to the off the wall, Fell have a huge range of promotional items to chose from and if we don’t have what you’re looking for we will do our best to source it!

Each year we come out with our own promotional items to give away in our sample packs or to include them in our seasonal campaigns. Even we get stuck for choice deciding which direction to go in! We understand that it can be off putting for some companies who can’t decide so that is why we put together this blog, to tell you about the great benefits of promotional items.

Reason one – Make the first move

Sending a promotional gift can be a great way of opening the lines of communication to a potential client. This can also be a way of showing that you want their business and if you already have it, it will encourage them to return. Having a promotional item that will benefit the recipient is a great way of directing their business your way. Discounts and social media engagement being the among the most popular methods. L.J. Market Research did a study that found 52% of participants given a promotional item, ultimately did business with that company. The remaining 48% of participants said they would be more likely to do business with that company in the future because of their gesture.

Reason two – The recognition you reserve

The phrase every company wants to hear – the recognition of a successful memorable brand. To achieve brand recognition a company requires creativity and LOTS of repetition, after all that is how we remember names, we repeat them. That is the beauty of a promotional item as clients are exposed to your logo, name and slogan regularly which means you already stand out from the competition! The more people using your named product the bigger deal you seem and the idea is… your name STICKS!

Reason three – Cost effective advertising

Advertising can be very expensive especially when most forms of advertising have an expiry date whether its an advert in last weeks newspaper or a Special offer on Facebook, everything you put out there tends to run up sooner or later. This is not the case with promotional items and why they are so useful – they last! Take the keyring trolley coin, the super market life saver, put your logo on it – now its you they have to thank!

Reason four – Create that Buzz

Promotional items can also be part of a uniform or as a “buzz tool”. The lanyard is a great example, the understated design can tell you exactly what that person represents and creates a subtle sense of unity for those involved. That is why the lanyard is such an effective tool at concerts, conventions and festivals as people want to be part of the “buzz” the lanyard represents.

Our team offer a wide range of promotional services from design right the way through production to the finished product. If you have any questions about promotional items, branding or merchandise, just simply click here

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