The Importance of Promotional Items

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Brand recognition.

Brand recognition is hugely important to any business regardless of size. Your brand is what makes customers think of you above the competition. It’s important that you have a strong brand identity that you can advertise and sell to potential customers. Here’s where the recognition comes in! As a business you need to keep your brand visibly out there to get people talking about your services. Promotional items are a simple and effective way of getting your brand out there. They shows that you are active in the market and within people’s reach.

A Thank you can go a long way…

With very little spent! Promotional items are not only a great way to attract new customers but excellent at thanking your existing ones. Customer loyalty is vital to any company’s survival and it’s just as important to show how much you appreciate their business. There is a promotional product to suit any business and that includes any budget. Take the time to work out what is affordable and what product will offer the most impact. Consider practical promo tools something consumers will use as well as novelty items to make them smile. Promotional giveaways are a subtle reminder to customers of your services and to thank them at the same time.

Be different.

Promotional items can be perceived as a luxury but to the savvy business they are essential tools for ensuring their brand and services are remembered. Large networking events can be overwhelming at times with so many names and faces to remember. Business cards are a good way to get across your information but promotional items are a great way to stay remembered. Promotional gifts can display all your contact information, the same as a business card however you’re presenting a potential client with something of use to them. A branded bottle opener from the bar owner, a printed USB from the IT consultant; all items ensuring you are a step ahead of the competition.

Handy little reminder

Referring back to our first point about brand recognition, it’s important to market your brand with items that are going to stick around for your consumer. Flyers, offers and advertisements often have a sell-by date meaning customers can easily forget about you, if it’s not in their current interest. That is the beauty of a promotional gift. People become more attached to things as opposed to a piece of paper plastered with information. This is particularly so if the consumers find your promotional gift useful. The more people use your promotional item, the more attached to your brand they become seeing it on a regular basis. This is building upon your brand recognition. The creativity you apply to your promotional items will reflect in the creativity of your business.


Link up with your Social media

Social media is a huge marketing platform for most modern businesses with some companies solely working from Facebook. Social media is a great place to engage with your customers and show potential clients your work quality and previous feedback. Social Media platforms are free and easy to update even from your smartphone. People have access to engage with your business at their fingertips so why not use promotional products to get their attention and connect with you. The money you save from social media platforms can be put into creating promotions to direct traffic and generate more business opportunities. Create an enigma around your promotional item that can only be solved by liking your Facebook page or reward your customers with a promo code on your social media channels. A promotional item accompanied by your social media information will increase your brand recognition, your social media awareness and increase your customer engagement and for a low cost!

To conclude, there are many promotional items on the market to suit your budget and your brand. Promotional items are not a luxury, they are important branding tools that will secure customer loyalty and attract new business. We are always happy to discuss different promotional items and ideas to suit your brand best.

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