Health & Beauty Month

New This Year…
19th February 2020

Health & Beauty Promotion

All this month we are giving our new and existing health & beauty customers 10% off their clothing orders!

Over time we have gained a growing number of Health & Beauty customers who have been incredibly loyal over the years . We want to celebrate that with our Health & Beauty month! This month we will not only be giving our customers 10% off their clothing orders but we will also be introducing some exciting promotional offers to help businesses flourish!

Promotional clothing is a great way to advertise your services, in and outside your place of work. Promotional clothing & items contribute massively to your brand identity so the more people see your brand the more recognisable and appealing you become to new customers! The H&B industry is a competitive one so its a great way to stay ahead of the competition!

We always try to keep our prices as competitive as possible as well as striving to deliver top class customer service as we are a growing business ourselves. We love working with customers from creative industries and the designs that come from our customers working in Health & Beauty are often some of the most striking we have the pleasure of recreating! From speaking to a lot of our customers from Salons especially, we know the importance of self promotion so please make use of our design services and feel free to request samples of our clothing to help you choose the right product for you.

Customer feedback is extremely important to us so let us know the products you’d like to see offers on in future so we can improve our services and cater to what we know our customers want!

Ultimately this month is a thank you to all the Health & Beauty companies who have supported us over the years! Please spread the word and make the most of the offers, which we will be posting on Social media throughout the month!

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