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16th February 2016
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20th December 2016


The concept of ‘workwear’ is always evolving as companies are constantly generating new exciting ideas of how to represent themselves. Fashion trends have become a major influence over companies who want to give their staff or team a memorable edge. The gilet is a perfect example of that – years ago gilets or body warmers were considered a dying trend, kept alive by garden center staff and grounds keepers but now, thanks to the likes of Jack Wills, Hollister and other influential designer brands, the trend has been given a new lease of life with the addition of contrasting hoods and diamond quilting.

The problem in the past has been translating designer styles into desirable workwear. Brands such as Kariban, American Apparel and Gildan have done a great job of bridging a gap in the market by introducing designer quality products, particularly in hoodies and sweatshirts. So why are we so excited about Asquith & Fox? Because the few items they have released are real game changer!

Asquith & Fox have released a range of Polo shirts and Chinos based on the quality and style you would expect from designers such as Ralph Lauren. Those who are familiar with the iconic designer style will know they are not afraid of colour and that is why Asquith & fox have released the ‘clash with Confidence’ range.

There are 24 vibrant colours to choose from in both the men’s and the women’s polo shirts, which it quite refreshing considering a lot of brands do not provide matching colours from both genders! What also makes the polo shirts different from our other brands is the style of collar and fashionable fit. Most polo shirts feature a sewn in placket (Where the buttons meet) however to make the collar more of a feature the polo shirts have a placket sewn on for a more expensive, trendy look. The material has a great feel to it and washes really well – ideal for embroidery or print application.

When we say brightly coloured chinos most men would cringe at the thought but Asquith & fox have done a spectacular job at picking just the right colours to compliment any uniform. There are 11 chino colours to choose and not one of them will disappoint from soft slate to cherry red. The combination of the polo shirts and chinos create a fantastic look and one we are proud to promote. We would certainly recommend Asquith & Fox as proof that you can still create a fashion conscious team on a budget.

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